Prints 2009-2011.

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From 'Brunel & Berkerley' collaborative exhibtion.

A series from 'Brunel & Berkerley ' collaborative with artist David Hampton 2010. -Screen prints on plywood cut outs.

I thought i better upload some of my works completed in the last 3-4 years.

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Crushing on Anna Calvi

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This is Anna Calvi, she is gob smacking beautiful and plays a mean guitar. And I respect any woman who wears high waisted pants that well.

Her newly released album (self titled) has a list of sexy songs, No More Words one of my favorites, make you want to slow dance with a glass of red.

Retro Print Goodness!

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New as new prints! Oh my Sweet goodness, will you check these babes out! I have Ingrid Bergman, Bridget Bardot and early thirties starlet Annabelle hot off the press. All on wonderfully vintage wallpaper, close to A2 size – looks wonderful framed and easily makes a retro centre piece of any wall.

Get in quick, only a dozen remaining. Selling for $100 ea excluding postage.

Ps. More pics to come.


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This blog is definitely under construction.

Sorry kids bear with me, computers aren’t my niche’ just yet.

But here’s a pretty little pic I found today. Enjoy! and happy New Year!

Ps. New Yrs resolution:Learn to Blog more.


happy holidaying!


‘From Russia with Love’

December 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

Prints from 'From Russia with Love' 2010 Annabelle, Ingrid Bergman and Bridget Bardot

This art exhibition and fashion show was a massive night. With the girls from Before It Began offering us their wonderful shop front, Christian Kauter and myself teamed up to offer an indulgent night of retrospective art and fashion. Kauter has a textiles and painterly background and crafted stunning crocheted cling wrap dresses and boleros, modeled by 1940’s styled local ladies. Kauter also expanded upon his creations with faux fur, to be more precise plush teddy bear furs. This worked wonderfully, bouncing of the trophy bear heads I created hung above the doorways. There was a huge crowd, media coverage and the champas was flowing. A night not to be forgot, and the other plus is there are still prints left over from this show! Enquire about the plywood Bardot and Ingrid as seen on the red wall above!  

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